October 17, 2018 Student Spotlight: Alexis Guevara
Alexis Guevara
Alexis Guevara

I worked for a fashion company, building myself to the position of Senior Production Manager.  It was in the 14th year of working there when I had an incredible longing to pursue my original passion in game development. I always wanted to be a part of the gaming industry, however college at an adolescent age was not a viable option financially and courses in game development were not straight forward.

One night I just decided to browse the internet to see if there was anything remotely available that could spark my journey in game development.  To find Playcrafting, which offered hands on Unity courses, was a surprise.  I was so extremely excited that I signed up that very night.  The decision to start the course turned out to be life changing.  Our class had two instructors, Sam Eng and Adriano Valle, their class was fast and interactive. I never coded anything that involved C-scripts before and my whole experience of Unity was installing it. I came into the course with a laptop and clean slate. I learned in 2 months what would have taken a year and more. They were not kidding when they said, “learn unity in 8 weeks”.

The last day was to show off a Demo of a game we created in class.  I was happy with the results.  All the assets in my demo were downloaded free from the Unity Store.  So as a thank you, I decided to make an asset myself.  This opened the door for 3D modeling.  Within a month I had my first free asset online, and it was being downloaded at a consistent rate.  I decided to make a paid version that expanded on the original asset, I uploaded the asset and experimented to see if there was any possibility in making money.

It was around that month that the Fashion company I was currently working for gave me a big promotion to manage the company.  I ran the company for about 5 months, but I could not ignore my original passion.  I kept following the progression of my asset, and I kept experimenting with Unity.  However, my current job was just taking too much of my time to do anything productive in game development.  One night, I just decided It is time to take to the next level.  I quit my job and started making assets full time.

I still have a lot to learn in Unity, it seems endless and they keep expanding on the engine.  I do basic coding, create 3D models, texture, video trailers and create playable demos to preview my assets.  Each day that passes by I improve and every few weeks I release a better product.  I’m focusing on creating real world city asset packages with modular walls, interior and exterior with props on a vibrant color pallet.  I want developers to be able to go to my store page, pick and choose only the assets they need to create the city they desire at an affordable cost.  It’s a huge project, but it gives me the opportunity to hone my skills while selling a product.  My knowledge of software has increased drastically.  It all started with that one night browsing the internet and discovering Playcrafting and their amazing life changing course.

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