July 25, 2018 Student Spotlight: Anton Ross
Anton Ross
Anton Ross

The most frustrating part about coding usually isn’t the code itself, but when and how to implement it. With the course you’re working through examples that help you understand when and how to use the classes, functions, and methods. It takes you through key steps from design to implementation and teaches you the different tools available such as the animator and the inspector toolbar. They also taught us insights on workarounds in cases where a certain feature isn’t available or isn’t working properly. I remember one sessions we had a programmer come in and talk about a couple of the games his team had released. We asked questions ranging from technical details of his game design to the marketing and publishing of it. Overall, I feel like I’ve learned more in the 8 weeks than I would have by myself. It’s also great to know and have teachers who actively use the program to make their own games. I still occasionally stop by their office for an hour and get help which is a great resource.

My game is still in it’s *extremely* early stages. However, as I continue working on it, I get a better idea of what the final product might look like. Originally, I wanted to have an ambulance game where you pick up and drop off patients at a hospital. I had plans for more content, but for now that was it. I’ve later on decided that this would be more worthy as a minigame. The idea now is to make a minigame compilation game similar to WarioWare or perhaps the more familiar Mario Party. The goal is to get as many points as possible until the end of a round. A typical round would last multiple minigames. The only way to gain points is to win or score points during those minigames. At the end of a round the team/player with the most points wins. I don’t expect the game to have high replayability, but I think it would make for a fun party game. Right now, the release date is far beyond the horizon. As for the title, it was originally supposed to be just “Ambulance”; however, it may change as I work on it.

Quick Questions

1. How did you get into games?

I can’t remember the first game I’ve ever played, but some of the first ones I played were PC games such as Full Tilt! Pinball, Frogger 2: Swampy’s Revenge, and Freddi Fish: The Case of the Creature of Coral Cove. Along the way my parents bought me a DS which got me into Nintendo titles like Mario Kart, New Super Mario Bros, and Mario Party. I also remember playing mostly online games during my middle school years. That’s all I really played until I learned about Steam during high school.

2. What would be your dream game to build?

I have multiple. One is a 2d strategy-based space shooter. Next is a semi-trailer truck racing game with some absurdity mixed in. Another is a pixel based rpg or fighter that is rhythm based. Last is a 3d sandbox-ish game where you have to construct a floor design that gets the occupants out of the assigned exits as quickly as possible.

3. What do you love best about the game community in NYC?

The energetic crowd along with the friendly environment. It’s not hard to get excited about making a game when so many people are living and breathing it.