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The ROG Game Jam

Playcrafting worked with ASUS ROG to build 5 exclusive games that showcase the powerful ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 and its built-in secondary display.

ASUS ROG was on a mission to discover the possibilities of game development on its new Zephyrus Duo 15 when they approached Playcrafting to unlock the gaming potential of the hardware. The partnership challenged game developers to design and build unique games that highlight the features of Zephyrus Duo 15. Through the ROG Game Jam, creators were tasked to create game prototypes in just one week. The final products were presented on ASUS ROG’s Twitch channel. 

The Leaderboard

  • 20 game developers from across the United States participated in a virtual game jam
  • 5 game prototypes created during just one week
  • 2 events streamed on ROG’s Twitch channel

  • Designed strategic roadmap for the partnership
  • Recruited top game developers with a track record of innovative work and unique design perspectives
  • Managed all communications, pipelines, logistics, and stream production
  • Supported developers, ASUS ROG throughout the partnership

(Ape) Escape Velocity by Angry Array

Play as an ape astronaut seeking bananas in a galaxy far, far away. In (Ape) Escape Velocity, the lower touch screen of the Zephyrus Duo serves as the central command of your ship as you control speed, pitch, and more to dodge asteroids and planets in your path. The main screen gives you a view of the ship hurtling through space and a peek inside the cockpit. Your journey comes to life through the beautifully-animated ape reacting to every shift of your ship. Are you destined to reach your fruity reward or will you crash along the way?

Ascension 67 by Double Helix

Climb the levels of a fully 3D factory on your way to freedom as a robot with a mission. Ascension 67 puts you in the mind of the robot itself with the lower touch screen serving as the sensors that will help you avert your captors. Sonar helps track nearby enemies. Your compass points your way to the nearest elevator to ascend to the next level. If one of your sensors is knocked out, use Contact to listen in on other robots so you can steal their parts to replace your own. The gritty dystopian reality of Ascension 67 represents a desperate struggle for survival in the harshest of settings, across 2 screens. 

Triangle Square Circle by Colorfiction

Like a piece of alien technology, Triangle Square Circle transforms the touch screen into a device, unlike anything you’ve seen before. Touch the shapes on the screen to impact the psychedelic beats and flourishes beaming from the main screen. This is as much a game as it is a toy, setting the stage for you to deliver an otherworldly performance. It’s both meditative and exhilarating in its simplicity. The perfect antidote to the chaotic world we live in. 

Wigglefishing by Team Robot

You are Crouton, a mischievous house cat fascinated by the fish in your owner’s aquarium. Paw your way through a seemingly endless array of fish while your master is off in the distance grilling burgers in the backyard. Your finger becomes Crouton’s paw as you swipe and slide around the lower screen. Wigglefishing gives you two views of the action, both of which you need to pay attention to. Keep an eye on your master in the upper screen to make sure he’s looking away. The lower screen is from the perspective of Crouton himself, peering into the fish tank below where the game’s fish-swatting action takes place. The mixture of perspectives and multi-dimensional visual styles come together for a whimsical experience.

And Then We Will Know by Game Making Garden 

Last but not least, And Then We Will Know was the fan-selected winning game from the ROG Game Jam! Uncover the secrets of a mysterious and lush planet as a team of field researchers. With beautifully-drawn vistas, the lower touch screen allows you to expand and interact with each of the 3 team members’ views simultaneously. The sensation of expanding and tapping 3 landscapes at once using the lower screen is exhilarating. Controlling 3 crew members could easily get overly complicated. But the game’s relaxing painterly aesthetic and simple UI encourages you to explore while making the experience adaptable for players of all experience levels. It’s exciting to see such a fully-realized and polished game that was built in just 7 short days on and for the Zephyrus Duo.