Playcrafting and Bose Team Up To Power Gaming Community

We’ve got big news! Playcrafting has teamed up with Bose for a first-of-its-kind alliance to celebrate and empower game creators across the United States through unparalleled programming powered by the new Bose AR technology!

Playcrafting has joined forces with Bose for a year-long alliance to invest in game developers from across the United States. Through this collaboration, developers will create 20 exclusive games for the new Bose AR platform to be showcased in a traveling “Bose AR-cade” at the game industry’s biggest events in 2019. Additionally, Bose is teaming up with Playcrafting to take our biggest annual events to the next level.

  • Global Game Jam (January 25-27, New York) – Official Partner of the biggest GGJ site in the USA and “Best AR Game” award sponsor. RSVP here.
  • 3rd Annual Bit Awards (February 1, New York) – Official event sponsor and “Best XR Game” category sponsor. RSVP here.
  • 4 Exclusive “Bose AR Game Jams” – Select developers from Boston, NYC and San Francisco will collaborate in their respective cities to create 20 original games using Bose AR technology in just 2 days! Apply here to join one of these jams.
  • Exclusive “Bose AR-cade” (PAX East – Boston; Play NYC – New York; PAX West – Seattle) – Games created during the “Bose AR Game Jams” will be featured in the traveling “Bose AR-cade,” debuting at the gaming industry’s biggest expos – PAX East, Playcrafting’s 3rd Annual Play NYC and PAX West.
  • 3rd Annual Play NYC Convention (August, New York) – Official sponsor and partner of New York’s premier games convention. Bose will also present the “Bose AR City Block Experience” – an immersive experience that will allow players and creators to explore the convention and New York City streets with Bose AR technology as their guide. Get notified.
Join us as we shape the landscape of games & AR in America. From game creators to players, this is going to be a truly unforgettable year for our community!

We’re excited to share the games created as part of the Playcrafting and Bose AR alliance throughout 2019! Check back here all year long for gameplay videos and download links as the games are pushed live online.



Created by Petricore Inc.
(Chris Bruno, Joshua LaFrance, Oliver Awat, Rejon Taylor-Foster)

Set in the Wild Wild West, Dead Drop Desperado pits two players in a “Matrix”-style bullet dodging duel where they take turns shooting and dodging in slow-motion. While shooting, a player holds the phone and can see the digital representation of their opponent which they can tap at and shoot a whole revolver clip at whatever speed/pattern they desire. The person dodging will have the Bose AR tech to rely on which helps them orient their real-life space when they dodge as they listen closely for the bullets whizzing through the air.

Watch the Gameplay Video. Download Here.



Created by Craig Herndon, Jonathan Schrack, Michael Gilday, Scott Niejadlik

Framed combines the Bose AR ecosystem with the spy genre to inspire action and enrich the real world with an engaging narrative. Players put on what appears to be a regular Bose device, only to discover they are now caught up in a thick plot between competing spy agencies. Player choices and reactions can change the outcome of the many encounters they will face.

Watch the Gameplay Video.



Created by Worthing & Moncrieff (Eric Hamel, Ryan Hamel, Marc Harpin, Brian Jordan)

You play an English nobleman in charge of an over-enthusiastic catapult unit. Your assignment? Demolish the wall of your enemy’s castle by ring livestock at it. The challenge? You have to do it in the dark of night using only sound to guide you.

Watch the Gameplay Video. Download Here.



Created by Eric Chan, Constantine Frost, Anna Shabayev, Joshua Widdicombe

Arcade games that use head and body movements to control and interact with the augmented reality soundscape of attacking barbarians, flying vegetables, and swimming fishies.

Watch the Gameplay Video.



Created by HappyGiant
(Erick Eiben, Ian Cubin, Mike Kanarek, William Sullivan)

A timed audio attack game for the Bose AR Frames in which the player must slay as many adversaries as possible before time runs out. Players must listen for their invisible foes, turn to face them and strike first, using their phone as a sword to attack.

Watch the Gameplay Video.