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The Bose AR and Playcrafting Alliance

Playcrafting and Bose teamed up to train developers to make games for the all-new Bose AR.

Through this collaboration, top-tier developers were trained and created exclusive games for Bose AR. Custom game jams took place in Boston, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and San Diego. Each was the start of development cycles to bring the games to launch on the App Store and Google Play.

Bose AR became a household name for creators through huge key moments with the games and videos generated. We designed and activated the physical Bose AR-cade, a one-of-a-kind space and a first for Bose. It launched top games from the initiative on the show floor of PAX East, Play NYC, and PAX West. Bose AR also sponsored our own Bit Awards, Global Game Jam site, and Play NYC.

The Leaderboard

  • $400k+ for Selected Developers
  • 30k+ Developers Reached
  • 500 SDK Signups
  • 211 Developers Trained
  • 40 Videos Produced
  • 32 Games Released
  • 5 Custom Game Jams

Our Pivotal Role

  • Developed the full initiative roadmap.
  • Recruited quality teams and projects.
  • Managed all communications, pipelines, and logistics.
  • Created videos, landing page, and evaluation criteria.
  • Collected feedback to inform documentation.
  • Designed, Built, and Staffed event activation space.
  • Supported developer and Bose teams throughout.