Building A Multiplayer Game: Unity 4-Week Bootcamp

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Class Details

November 10, 2020
6:00 pm

Virtual Course

Join us in the upcoming Building A Multiplayer Game: Unity 4-Week Bootcamp course! This course is virtual. Upon enrollment, instructions to attend the class will be sent approximately one hour before the first day of class begins.

This course is intended to be a sequel to our popular Learn Unity in 8 Weeks course. This 4-week bootcamp will take you to the next level as a Game Developer. Learn the ins and outs of more advanced C# programming, the Component-Based architecture, and other aspects of the Unity engine. 

Please only sign up for this course if you meet the requirements below. 

  • Be able to navigate the Unity IDE, creating 3D objects, adding components, changing textures and materials, and other basics
  • Be able to program C# code, including simple variables, functions, loops, and other basics
  • Have completed at least one simple Unity Game, up to the standard of the well known Roll-A-Ball tutorial
  • A computer capable of running Unity 2020


Not sure if this is the right course for you? Join our free info session on October 8th for a virtual meet-and-greet!

This 4-week course takes place on Tuesdays & Thursdays. It begins on Tuesday, November 10th, 2020. Full dates below:

  • November 10th & 12th

  • November 17th & 19th

  • November 24th & December 1st

  • December 3rd & December 8th

The classes are held from 6:00 – 8:30pm ET. They are hosted online on Zoom. All students will receive instructions on how to sign in approximately one hour before the first class begins.

The cost to enroll in the course is $1,000. 

Payment plans are available upon request. Please contact to learn more.

Willem Delventhal has been building games his whole life. Starting with board games as a replacement for book reports, and followed by a kinda sorta accidental sale of his first game at 15, Willem has always known he wants to work in the gaming space. Post college, Willem flew across the country to California to work for Lumosity, the brain training games company. Starting in an internal startup, LumiKids, Willem had an intense bootcamp where he created 6 games in 6 months for the business. His final two games where his own design from start to finish. Moving on to the main company, Willem had his hands in many different projects before producing and developing two more games. His final game, Feel the Beat, became the most controversial game Lumosity had ever released, for better for or worse.
After 4 years of working for the man, Willem decided to quit and pursue something weird. Combining his unique science and gaming skillset, Willem created Mew and Me. The app is a collection of video games for cats and humans to play together, that teaches owners how to bond with their fluffy buddy. Recently featured in the LA Times and a past GDC speaker, Mew and Me has become Willem’s primary focus. However, he also finds a lot of joy in inspiring and teaching others. As such, he does both life coaching and instruction on the side. This is his 8 week Unity Bootcamp. Think you can keep up!?


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