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Get tips from some of our pros or learn more about the incredible games our community is making. Check out past events and spotlights on key developers and partners.

Lamplight City - Grundislav Games
Orbit - HIGHKEY Games
The Norwood Suite - Cosmo D

From Our Friends Word Around Town

When you sponsor a Playcrafting event, you know exactly where that sponsorship goes and they work hard to ensure what you want to get out of the sponsorship in terms of ROI happens, while making sure it contributes and is of value to the community. Events are amazingly organized and they really treat it as a partnership, not a sponsorship.
- Microsoft
Some of our best experiences have come from being able to help the students build their game from initial stages to a playable, incredibly impressive demo with the potential to become a successful business. Zapling Studios is one example of this, and they have ended up working with us as a result or this partnership. That, and one of the Jonas Brothers attended a Demo & Play!
- Pollen

Featured Instructors You're in good hands. Promise.

Our instructors are teaching the next generation of developers and helping those more experience hone their craft.

Playcrafting does something that not many organizations can brag about. They've created a platform that serves as a foundation, upon which, people of all ages can build and showcase their skills in game design. Not only that, they've built an exciting, nurturing, and diverse community of individuals who share a passion for games. Teaching through Playcrafting has opened the doors to this wonderful community, and we are proud to be a part of it.

- James Sisti

Playcrafting makes it easy to share my knowledge with the NYC community.

- Chris Algoo

As an instructor at Playcrafting NYC, I've been struck by the immense creativity and talent displayed by our pupils and community. If you're looking for a way to nurture your dreams of game development, there's no place better than Playcrafting to get essential skills and that needed fuel to achieve greatness.

- Sande Chen

My games career began as an indie producer. Teaching at Playcrafting took my career to the stars.

- Rachel Presser

My main goal in any class is to inspire a perspective shift, and I get that back from my students in spades every time.

- Dean Razavi

It's been great meeting local game developers and giving back to the community in a fun way.

- Francisco Gonzalez

I found teaching at Playcrafting fun and rewarding. The students come from a wide range of backgrounds and interests, but are all engaged, intelligent, and willing to learn. Looking forward to my next class!

- Gil Hova

For the past six months, I've been teaching virtual reality courses for PlayCrafting, and it has been and continues to be a fantastic experience. Dan and his crew do a very professional job organizing these events and getting the word out to potential students. Playcrafting gives me everything I need so I can focus on what I love best, showing up and teaching my class. The students have been awesome and I feel it's such a privilege to be able to teach them about VR.

- James Andrew

I'm glad I'm helping grow our gamedev community by being an instructor for Playcrafting. It's great!

- Alyssa Menes

The chance to offer my experience and love of game music to an engaged audience is one I truly value.

- Zac Zinger