June 5, 2017 Gaming Community: Diablo’s assassin Malthael joins Heroes of the Storm

Note: This is an article written as part of a Playcrafting class on Games Journalism.

Diablo 3’s Malthael and his accompanying skins are in development to join the Heroes of the Storm’s roster, Blizzard announced on Friday.

Blizzard intended to add Malthael to Heroes of the Storm as a part of the game’s 2015’s Diablo-themed Eternal Conflict expansion, but added melee warrior Leoric instead. Malthael is now the sixty-seventh hero to be added to Heroes of the Storm, after D.Va from Overwatch’s recent addition.

Malthael is an assassin class hero with above average damage, survivability and complexity and lower than average utility. His abilities depend on his Reaper’s Mark which lasts for four seconds on affected characters. It also reveals enemies and deals damage equal to 2.5 percent of their max health per second.

His heroic abilities include Tormented Souls and Last Rites. Tormented Souls allows him to gain 20 armor and unleash a torrent of souls on his nearby enemies, continually applying Reaper’s Mark to them for four seconds. And Last Rites applies a death sentence to an enemy hero that after two seconds deals damage equal to 50 percent of their missing health. His three primary attacks are Soul Rip, Wraith Strike and Death Shroud.

Malthael was a character introduced with Diablo 3’s first expansion Reaper of Souls. His purpose, as a former Archangel of Wisdom, was to eliminate anything corrupted by demons, most namely, humankind.

Malthael’s skins can be seen in the following video: