Event 3D meets Pixel Art!

Join us to learn about low-poly modeling in Unity via ProBuilder and how to texture these models with crisp pixel art! Create a beautiful blend of 2D and 3D art!

Only 12 spots available.

Class Description

Traditional pixel art has its merits but what about breaking tradition for some exciting new artistic directions? This class will teach you the basics when it comes to combining 3D modeling with pixel art straight in Unity! Learn how to make a low polygon model, how to texture it with pixel art and adapt the lighting accordingly. In addition we’ll also cover sprite billboarding, a technique that allows for flat pixel art sprites to be rotated towards a three dimensional camera. The end result? Paper Mario-esque aesthetics!

Note: Please bring a laptop with any image editing software & Unity pre-installed.

Featured Topics

  • How to do low poly modeling with ProBuilder in Unity.
  • How to create pixel art textures and UV map them to your low poly models.
  • How to adjust rendering & lighting settings to match the pixel art style in a 3D environment.
  • How to create flat sprites that rotate towards a three dimensional camera.
  • How to create particles & other effects to spruce up the scene.

About the Instructor

Fabian Rastorfer is the founder of Fabraz and takes on the role as game designer, graphic designer, animator, writer, level designer, unity editor, marketer and community manager at Fabraz. He’s the lead developer and primary artist behind all the games at Fabraz including Slime-san, Planet Diver and Cannon Crasha.

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