Class Class: Arcade Game Design Basics

Attendees will learn about designing and adapting games to be played in public spaces.


Class Description

BumbleBear Games spent the last two years exploring the dark art of arcade game development. Learn the secrets we’ve uncovered, focusing on how to adapt your existing game for public play or how to design an arcade game from the ground up.


Featured Topics

  • Survey of the New Arcade

  • The arcade industry

  • Manufacturing & distributing arcade games

  • Testing arcade games

  • Designing arcade games

  • Design games for public places

  • Resources for arcade game development


About the Instructor

Joshua DeBonis is an award-winning game designer and President of BumbleBear Games. Some of his designs include Killer Queen, Pixel Prison Blues, Isle of Monsters, and Meriwether. He has taught game design and development at Parsons the New School for Design and the NYU Game Center. Joshua is particularly interested in creating games that provide a deep and meaningful experience in a short play time.

Past Events

'16 Bit Awards
'16 Bit Awards - NYC, December 2016
'16 Bit Awards
'16 Bit Awards - NYC, December 2016
Summer Expo
Summer Expo - NYC, July 2016