Class Class: Intro to Card Game Design

Learn the process of designing and developing a card game, including where to look for inspiration and the components of card game design.

Class Description

Since childhood many of us have played a broad spectrum of card games, such as Uno, Go Fish or War. Many of the more complex card games you come across today have roots in the simpler games of our childhood. In this class, we will be discussing what you need to design a game, different types of core mechanics, the importance of creating clear rules, how to prototype a game, testing and balancing your game, and what you will need to produce a card game. Be prepared to share your ideas with the group as we workshop a simple card game.

About the Instructors

Jessica Ochoa Hendrix is the co-founder of Killer Snails LLC, an award-winning game company that develops educational science games featuring extreme creatures. Ochoa Hendrix received her MBA with a concentration in Social Enterprise from Columbia Business School in 2009. Ochoa Hendrix has worked in K-12 education for 9+ years for organizations ranging from the New York City Department of Education to Uncommon Schools. Prior to business school, she worked in marketing for the Harvard Business Review and The Economist.

Noelle Posadas is an UI/UX designer with 5 years of experience creating educational mobile games and apps for brands like Sesame Street, Disney, the NFL and the American Red Cross. She studied Communications design with a focus on Illustration at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. In her spare time, she is studying game design. 

Past Events

'16 Bit Awards
'16 Bit Awards - NYC, December 2016
'16 Bit Awards
'16 Bit Awards - NYC, December 2016
Summer Expo
Summer Expo - NYC, July 2016