Class Class: Intro to Tabletop Game Design

Covering the basics of tabletop game design, and how to keep players entertained and engaged without electronics!  

Class DescriptionThis class will cover the basics of how to make a tabletop game. We start by going over kinds of tabletop games, from simple party games to crunchy strategy games to streamlined storytelling RPGs. You'll also get an introduction to the ever-deepening tabletop market.


Class Description

  • Critically analyzing the most popular commercial tabletop games. What makes them work and not work?

  • A quick overview of the market and what general genres tabletop games tend to fall into.

  • Iterative playtesting, and how to approach test results.

  • A quick overview of how to write the vitally-important rulebook.

  • Graphic design of components, and traps to avoid.

  • What happens if/when you make something worth selling? The question of pitching, POD, or self-publishing.

About the Instructor

Gil Hova is the designer of four published board games, self-publishing two of them himself through his own company, Formal Ferret Games. His work includes the economic strategy game Battle Merchants, the raucous party game Bad Medicine, and the hit new strategy game The Networks

Gil is heavily involved in the New York City board game design scene, having been a member of the NYC-Playtest group for over 15 years. He lives in Jersey City with his girlfriend and two adorable ferrets. 

Past Events

'16 Bit Awards
'16 Bit Awards - NYC, December 2016
'16 Bit Awards
'16 Bit Awards - NYC, December 2016
Summer Expo
Summer Expo - NYC, July 2016