Class Class: Intro to Unity Scripting

Take your first steps into the powerful world of C# game coding!


Class DescriptionDon’t be afraid to program!! You may have no experience with Unity scripting or perhaps you have cut and pasted other people’s scripts into your own projects, but now it’s time to build confidence in your ability to create your own scripts. In this whirlwind introduction using C#, we will examine the fundamental building blocks of every program. We will also look at the basic actions every program does: assignment, testing, branching, and looping. Using simple examples we will lay out the groundwork for your future programming efforts and point you towards resources to continue your coding adventures... 

**Must bring your own laptop**


 Featured Topics

  • Creating and compiling scripts 

  • Variables and functions 

  • Basic data types: ints, floats, bools, strings, arrays, Vector2, Vector3 

  • if / else if / else statements 

  • for / foreach statements 

  • switch statements 

  • Initial concepts of Object Oriented Programming 

  • Most common scripting mistakes 

  • Best practices: naming, formatting, structuring code


About the Instructor

Spencer Grey is an award-winning designer/developer. He was Creative Director at Sesame Street’s Interactive group and then went on to co-found Electric Funstuff. For 15 years he served as the Creative and Technical lead working with companies such as Sony, Lego, and Scholastic. His largest project was writing the game-engine that powers the Mission US series of historical adventures. He has several apps in development that are just crazy enough they might work.

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