Class Class: Modern Pixel Art Technique: Skeletal Animations


Modern pixel art can break rules and set new standards, so let’s learn about skeletal animations!

Class Description

REQUIREMENT: Bring a laptop and pre-install Photoshop (or similar software) and Spine 2D.

The traditional method for animating pixel art has always been frame by frame illustrations while 3D models used skeletal animations.

Today, modern software like Spine 2D allows you to animate pixel art through the use of skeletal animations as well. Animating pixel art with skeletal animations is tricky but it comes with a lot of great benefits! Animations can look smoother, can be created faster and allow for easier sprite swapping. It creates an utterly unique and new look that’s starting to define a new era of pixel art.

I guarantee that, after this class, skeletal animation will become part of your repertoire! 


About the Instructor

Fabian Rastorfer is a video game developer, a pixel artist and the founder of Fabraz  His first game, the critically acclaimed Cannon Crasha was an action-strategy title released for iOS and Android and was featured as "...a sure-fire winner!" by Apple. His second game, Planet Diver was published on Steam and has been nominated for the Indie Prize, Momocon Indie Awards and was bundled in with the IndieBox. His newest game, Slime-san has been part of the official Indie Arena selection, was nominated for the Indie Prize, is published by Headup Games and became part of the Swiss Games Delegation. He's also behind a bunch of other exciting prototypes and game jams! Graduated with a Bachelors in Design and Technology from Parsons.

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