Event Demo & Play: NYC Games Showcase

Live game demos. Playtime. Pizza.

Playcrafting is the place to see and play the newest independent games being made in New York and meet the people who built them. Each month, we get together to watch developers explain the mechanics and origins of their games while doing live game demos. Attendees then play each game with the developers behind them. Join our community of game developers, designers, creatives, investors and more building across multiple platforms and genres. Enjoy complimentary pizza as you meet the developers and network with game professionals from throughout our local community. Plus our epic after party. Hope you can make it!

For Attendees:

You must register on Eventbrite. Please include the first name, last name and email of each person you are registering (including yourself) when you RSVP so we can add you to our guest list for the evening. All names must be on the list to get past building security.

Featured Games:Brain Deadby Brain Dead GameThe Patient navigates hospital hallways and describes inkblots they see to the Doctor. When the Doctor chooses a corresponding image on the “Brain Wrench” device doors open in the Patient’s mind and Patient wakes up or if time runs out the Patient dies. Burgal's Bountyby Phat GamesJoin the heist! Steal the money, pay the ransom, and rescue the girl in this epic puzzle/action game coming soon to mobile, PC and Mac. Help Burgal traverse challenging logic based puzzles.Haxors by MuifwegoHaxors is a competitive platformer in which players take control of 2 dueling hackers. Their mission: Hack the planet.

Hero Soul: I Want to Be a Heroby Ryan SuHero Soul is a 2D JRPG with rogue-lite elements, including features such as procedurally generated levels, items and power-ups as well as deck building. It is currently being developed in Unity using C#. The story is set to revolve around 4 playable characters journeying through a procedurally generated story.Mama Hawkby Computer LunchMama Hawk is a casual action game about a motherly but fierce hawk who feeds animals to her ever-growing brood of chicks.The babies depend on their mama for survival until they are big enough to graduate. But look out – the forest is teeming with predators hoping to spoil dinner.

Deadlineby AOAIt's your first day on the job as a ransom note designer. Your clients have high expectations and short deadlines, so be quick! Sillby Sarah HubschamNeko Atsume meets Stardew Valley. An 8bit mobile game where you grow plants on your apartment's windowsill. Plants will grow faster according to the actual temperature and precipitation in the player's location!

In the interest of fostering an inclusive and safe environment at all of our events, our Code of Conduct will be enforced.

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