Event Hack the Hologram with Unity

Class Description:

Looking Glass + Playcrafting invites the game designers of New York City to shift their vision of design and interaction to the HoloPlayer One! Come to Microsoft Times Square on December 6, 2017 at 6:30pm to hack away on the HoloPlaySDK in Unity. You’ll learn how to turn your visuals into floating interactive light displays, all possible without VR or AR headgear. You’ll go hands-on by hacking into pre-built Unity projects and even building your own by the time the class is over. The future will be in Times Square on Dec 6. Will you?**All event attendees receive a $50 discount on the HoloPlayer One**

Class Breakdown:

Section 1: Conversation

  • Introductions: Looking Glass, HoloPlayer One, HoloPlay SDK, Instructor & TA’s

  • Simple Unity Run-Through: HoloPlay SDK & Intel RealSense. Show the “Touch A Cube” Demo.

  • Run-through some ‘hackable projects’: what they look like and what you can do with them

  • Questions

  • Form group or individual teams

Section 2: Experimentation

  • Hacking: Students take on various pre-made projects and begin hacking away. 

  • Looking Glass instructor and teaching assistant’s available throughout for assistance.

  • Testing: Begin testing their hacks on available HoloPlayer One systems.

Company Bio:

Looking Glass – located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (the home of the hologram) –  is a team of inventors, engineers, game devs, and out-of-work comedians chasing the dream of the hologram — specifically, the cinema dream of the hologram we were all promised in Star Wars, Iron Man, and Minority Report — where groups of people can interact with floating 3D worlds without VR or AR headgear. We’ve recently made a couple of breakthroughs that put that dream within reach, including the end-of-November release of HoloPlayer One. Any fellow hologram hackers (or skeptics!) out there, come by our labs in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and Hong Kong to see HoloPlayer One in person and finally catch the hologram with us. The future depends on it!

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