Event Intro to Audio Production for Games

Why do we feel calmer when there’s a light rain outside? Why do low, held notes create a feeling of dread? How come long echoing sounds leave us feeling lonely and isolated? In games, subtle sound and music clues can have a really powerful effect on the player, but too often audio for games is left to the last minute.

Only 12 spots available for this one-night class.


Class Description

In this class, we’ll equip you with the tools to think proactively about music and sound for your games. We’ll cover audio production fundamentals, like working with reverb, delays, and EQ, as well as free, powerful tools for shaping and implementing audio on a budget. We’ll also look at different ways of making music, from chiptune sounds to sampling and beyond. Finally, we’ll talk about ways that developers can build collaborations with freelance audio designers and musicians, and see some unique games where the audio really shines.

**Must bring your own laptop**

About the Instructor

Josie Brechner, aka Visager, is a composer, sound designer, and music producer based in Brooklyn, NY. She has been creating music and audio experiences for games, film, dance, and interactive theater projects since 2012. As an independent musician, she has toured the US and performed internationally, combining sample-based electronic sounds with field recordings and analog instrumentation.

In video games, Josie has found a niche making unique sound worlds for dozens of games including Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King, released for the Nintendo Switch, EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER, Gay Monster Kiss Club, My Electric Heart, and more. Additionally, music from Josie’s three open-source Songs from an Unmade World albums have been used in hundreds of projects around the world.

Check out her work and follow her on twitter.

This Playcrafting class will be setting aside a couple complimentary spots for anyone who can’t afford the full fee. Please submit your name and email here and we’ll assign spots on a first come, first serve basis. If you can afford the full class fee, we kindly ask you to leave these spots for those who need them!

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