Event PREGAMER: Pax East 2019 Edition

Kick off PAX East in style with the 3rd annual PREGAMER party!

Game developers will be showing off their latest games one-on-one to a crowd of 1,000 people. For developers, this is a great opportunity to show off their games (finished or unfinished) and get direct feedback from players. For everyone else, it’s a unique opportunity to try out the biggest collection of games outside the show floor itself. Each game gets its own section as players meet the developers and try out their games. Throw finger food into the mix and let’s start “pregaming” for PAX East!

All ages welcome. ID required.

For Attendees: You must register on Eventbrite. Please include your first and last name when you RSVP, as well as the full name and email for each guest (if you’re registering for more than one ticket) Your name must be on the list to get past building security. See you all there!

NOTE: Registering for the event does not guarantee entrance if the venue reaches capacity.

For Developers: Submissions are now closed.

For Media: Please submit your information here. We can help set up advance meetings with participating developers and connect you with folks beforehand!

Featured Games:

aball by ZhuoX
Cell to Singularity
by Computer Lunch
Cheer Up by Cheer Up Games
Crosshatch by Rustforms
Deadboy by Ryan Maloney
Depths of Sanity by Bomb Shelter Games
Feral Frontier by Dirty Beast Games
From Rust by Razbury Games
Fruit Postal Service by Green Door Labs
Into the Dark: Narakan by Orc Punk
Loose Nozzles by Foster and Family Games
Maui Wowie Battle Arena by Exog3n Studios
Mazu by Arjun Arora
Negative World by Big Niche Games
Never to Return by Maskmaker Productions
Outpost Delta by Hidden Achievement
Pigeon Coup by Northeastern University
Pixel Puzzle Makeout League by Glass Knuckle Games
Portal Warrior by Yarwad Mixed Reality
Return to the Stars! by Festive Ninja
Road to the Champ by Pizza Pranks
Save the Zacks by Bytesize Technology
Seasons (季节) by David Su & Dominique Star
Skellboy by Fabraz & Umaiki Games
Skorecery by GrappleHook Games
Smack Talk Showdown by Double Turn Games
Sole Iron Trail by Emmanuel Mallea
Stinky Snake by DB Attic Studios, LLC
Support Hero by Support Hero
Where Shadows Slumber by Game Revenant

In the interest of fostering an inclusive and safe environment at all of our events, our Code of Conduct will be enforced. 

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