Event SPRING PLAY: NYC Game Expo

100 games. 800 players. 1 night. And pizza. Join us for our next big Expo on May 3rd at Microsoft!

Over 200 game developers will be showing off their latest games one-on-one to a crowd of 800 people. For developers, this is a great opportunity to show off their games (finished or unfinished) and get direct feedback from players. For everyone else, it’s a unique opportunity to try out the biggest collection of games made in and around NYC all in one place. Each game gets its own booth as players meet the developers and try out their games. Throw pizza into the mix and you get Playcrafting’s biggest event!

For Attendees:In order to accomodate more attendees and make better use of the space, we break tickets into separate time slots. You must register on Eventbrite. Please include your first and last name when you RSVP. Your name must be on the list to get past building security. Also, all guests must RSVP on their own in order to get each name on the list at the door. See you all there!For Developers:We’re accepting game submissions for this event. If you’d like to submit your game, please fill out the online form. After submitting, we will be in touch with more information. All games shown at Playcrafting events in 2018 will be eligible for The Bit Awards in December!Submit your gameIn the interest of fostering an inclusive and safe environment at all of our events, our Code of Conduct will be enforced.

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