Event WINTER PLAY: San Francisco Game Expo!

Over 50 games. 500 players. 1 night. Join us for our Winter Expo on January 11 at the Google Launchpad!

Over fifty game developers will be showing off their latest games one-on-one to a crowd of 500 people. For developers, this is a great opportunity to show off their games (finished or unfinished) and get direct feedback from players. For everyone else, it's a unique opportunity to try out the biggest collection of games made in and around SF all in one place. Each game gets its own booth as players meet the developers and try out their games. Throw pizza into the mix and you get Playcrafting's biggest event!

For Attendees:In order to accommodate more attendees and make better use of the space, we're now selling tickets in separate time slots. You must register on Eventbrite. Please include your first and last name when you RSVP. Your name must be on the list to get past building security. Also, all guests must RSVP on their own in order to get each name on the list at the door. The Google Launchpad does not allow any kind of monetary transaction in their space so please RSVP in advance. See you all there!For Developers:We're still accepting submissions for this event. If you'd like to submit your game for consideration, please fill out the online form below. We'll reach out to confirm inclusion.



Featured Games:

Black Future '88 by SUPERSCARYSNAKES

BlitzKeep Unleashed by Flint Games LLC

Chromaclix by Sarthak Apps

College Quest by Tutimon

Crashy Cars by Pixelbizarre

Defend the Cake by Defend the Cake LLC

Dr. Schplot's Nanobots by Dark Inertia Studios

FPS Wizard by The Virtual Couch

Homes and Habitats by Eliot Miller 

Juicy Sweety by Juicy Sweety Production

Labyrinth by Free Range Games 

Metareal by David Van Brink

Nightlife: Swing the Deal by Mousechief Co.

Omander by Martin Omander 

Planet Rise by Blue Alchemy Studio 

Rush Puppy by Pixel Snack

Saturn Cutting by Ryan C. Scott 

Smuggles n' Snuggles by Smug n' Snug Games

Sumusunód by Chua Productions 

The Potioning by Andrew Murray 

More to come!

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