Event WOMEN IN GAMES: A Celebration!

Women in Games - Playcrafting Event

Join Playcrafting‘s 3rd annual celebration of women in the game industry!

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re proud to present a special event featuring an all-women lineup of developers presenting their games, plus a panel of pros talking about inclusivity for women in the games industry. After the panel, attendees will have a chance to play each game with the developers behind them and connect with our panelists.

The evening may be a celebration of women in games, but all genders are encouraged to join. Children are welcome to attend as well but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. Hope you can make it!



Featured Speakers:

Melissa Berman
Member, GameSetMatch

Gizelle Money
Founder and Journalist, INT BUFF

Laura Gatti
Technical Artist, Dots

Tara Enahoro, Esq.
COO & VP of Business & Legal Affairs, Unaminous Games

Kati Nawrocki (moderator)
Studio Art Director, Dots


Featured Games:

Bizarre Barber is a fast-paced VR action game (currently in development) set in a surreal world where you play an alien barber holding large scissors to provide stylish hair cuts for eccentric clientele. In addition to being tasked with making perfect cuts while dodging dangerous obstacles, your clients are always on the run, chaotically moving about their world. There are speed bumps, power-ups and new tools and new worlds in this fun and engaging new experience.
Presented by Maria Mishurenko

My granny Lala and me is a point and click adventure inspired by the strongest, most courageous and experienced women we have ever met: our grannies. A tender and engaging adventure that will make us see through all the difficulties senior people have to live with, while also uncovering their stories and customs, based on real facts. The game uses the rotoscoping technique, giving it a somewhat more realistic and cinematographic flavor to the experience.
Presented by Beatriz Olcina & Pilar Aranda
Beatriz Olcina, @illinois_break
Pilar Aranda, @ImmersivePilar 

Table Fighter is a fast paced fighting card game for 2 or more players. It’s easy to pick up and play, but has enough depth to keep even the most skilled players hooked. Table Fighter is inspired by traditional fighting games: you are rewarded for anticipating what your opponent will do and your skill completely replaces randomness.
Presented by Nicole Stahl

Cinderella VR is a family-friendly adventure game told through the classic fairy tale! The story unfolds in front of you and invites you to jump in and play along with interactive minigames – cooking puzzles, catching invitations in butterfly nets, dancing, and more!
Presented by Laura Tallardy

Nin is an iOS game that takes users into the art world.
Presented by Michelle Ng

After Yes is a card game for 2-3 players played with an ordinary deck of cards. Collect chips as you gain approval from the bride and groom for each vendor and then for booking them. The player with the most points when the wedding is fully planned wins!
Presented by Heather Arbiter

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