What is Playcrafting?

Playcrafting is a company that empowers the game development community through events and education. We offer many different topics and curriculum in relation to game development and design taught by top instructors with real world experience.

I’m writing a story and want to learn more about the Playcrafting community, classes and events. Who do I contact?

You can contact your local City manager below


What is a Playcrafting class?

Classes are typically 2 hours long and always held on a weeknight. We offer a wide range of topics and discussions.

How do I sign up for a class?

You can register for classes through EventBrite or by our Classes section on our website.

What are your classes about?

Our classes cover topics in all areas of development. See each individual class for description and featured topics.

How do I teach a class?

We’re always open to meeting new potential teachers. If you are interested in learning more on how to become an instructor, you can reach out to your local city manager and inquire more information.

How much do classes cost?

Classes range anywhere from $25-$40 depending on whether you book early or last minute. Each class has a clear pricing in the description.

How do I secure my spot in a class?

It’s simple! All you have to do is register through eventbrite and you are good to go!. Make sure to bring your ID to the door in order to verify registration.

What payment methods do you use?

We accept credit and debit. You can pay through Eventbrite on the website.

Do you offer payment options?

Unfortunately at this time, we do not offer payment plan options for weeknight classes.

What if I can’t make the class? Can I get refunded.

We understand that things come up. If you aren’t able to attend a class, please let us know within 24 hours of the class and we would be happy to reimburse you.

Do you supply the equipment?

We do not. Everyone is responsible for bringing their own lap tops, power cords and everything else needed for the class. We supply power outlets and wifi.


What is a Playcrafting course?

Courses are our most extensive form of education offered. They last 2.5 hours per night for two nights per week for 8 weeks straight.

How do I secure a spot in a course?

To ensure all Playcrafting students get the individual attention and resources they need to succeed, the size of the courses are limited. Once we receive your down payment, your spot will be secured. Until then, enrollment is subject to availability.

What payment do you accept for courses?

We accept cash, check, direct deposit, credit/debit and Paypal.

Do you offer payment plan options?

We understand courses are expensive and money can sometimes be tight – so we’re happy to break up your tuition payment into two, three or four installments. After you submit a down payment to confirm your spot we will work with you to confirm payment dates for the remainder of your tuition.

What if I miss a session?

While we do hope that you will attend every class, we know that sometimes things come up. If you absolutely must miss a class, please let us know. We do not recommend missing more than 2 sessions over the course of the 8 week program. Reach out to your TA and Instructor to figure out the best way to stay on top of the material – falling behind will inhibit your ability to succeed in the course. We are committed to making this a great educational experience for you and want to make sure a few bumps along the way don’t stop you from reaching your end goal.

What if I really want to take a course but just can’t afford it?

We have seen in some cases students have worked with their employers to share the cost of the course. If your company offers tuition reimbursement, your local city manager can provide employer packets and information to share with you and your employer.

I’m an absolute beginner with literally zero experience or knowledge on coding or development. Are your courses still for me?

Many of our 8 week courses are geared towards beginners and no prior knowledge is required. Inevitable our courses attract students with a wide range of backgrounds and previous experiences so we make sure to have a detailed description of course materials available as well as a local city manager to help with any questions. If you are starting form square one, be prepared to work hard and put in time and effort to learn the material.


How do I get notified about upcoming Playcrafting events in my area?

You can sign up for your local mailing list and get notified of any upcoming Playcrafting events.

What type of events do you guys host?

We have all different types of events ranging from Expos to talks and panels to Demo and Play nights. You can always expect at least one big Playcrafting event per month. and there will always be delicious pizza.

What if I have an idea for a partnership or event opportunity?

You can reach out to your local city manger and inquire further about partnership opportunities.