Game Design 101 for Marketers

Event Details

March 25, 2021
12:00 pm EST

Virtual Event

This event is virtual and is hosted on Zoom. RSVP with your information and we will send the link if you’re qualified to attend.

Gaming has eclipsed film and music to be the biggest entertainment industry on the planet. Video games bring a level of interactivity that sets them apart. They also allow countless opportunities for brands to connect with audiences in authentic ways that meet them right where they are.

The options can feel unapproachable and overwhelming for marketers who are not familiar with the game industry. Such a massive industry and staple of our culture somehow still feels foreign to too many.

It all starts with one important question: What makes a game fun? Consider a game a giant switchboard where you turn different nobs to get the desired experience. On top of that, existing games and gaming content provide a whole landscape of switchboards to tap into.

Our workshop will break down the basics of game design so you have an understanding of how games attract attention and keep players coming back for more. You will learn how a game is made and learn about how a brand is able to integrate into this unique and interactive medium. From there, we’ll point you to key paths you can take in games – from event activations to full branded games. There is a lot of opportunity between the starting line and building the world’s next Fortnite.

Main Topics

  • How a game is made
  • What makes a game fun
  • Game components that lend themselves to brand integration
  • A personalized brainstorm to help bring your ideas to life for your brand

The event is free and open to any marketers, brand strategists, and agency professionals who want to have a behind-the-scenes look into how a game comes to life.

Our Speaker

Dan Butchko is the Founder & CEO of Playcrafting. Through its nationwide network of expert developers and passionate fans, Playcrafting creates custom games, produces exclusive events, and offers brands a partnership like no other to harness the power of play. Since 2017, Playcrafting has created over 70 video games and hundreds of hours of gaming content for brands, including Bose, Verizon, the NFL, ASUS, and Schick.


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