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The "Play Anywhere" Game Jam

Playcrafting built and executed on The “Play Anywhere” Game Jam for Google Stadia, a week-long jam that brought together 39 independent game developers from across the United States to create 10 game prototypes from March 14th to March 20th, 2021.

The game jam focused on a group of diverse and inclusive developers with the goal to create playful local multiplayer experiences perfectly suited for the Stadia platform. Developers worked in 10 teams to build engaging couch co-op and competitive games. The developers came from cities across the United States, including Seattle, Boston, Chicago, New York, Austin, and Los Angeles. 

There were several big moments throughout this initiative. It kicked off with an opening stream that introduced each team, their previous work, and the jam itself. Throughout the week, the teams worked remotely while connecting via our dedicated Discord server and checking in daily with our team. On March 21st, the game jam ended with a closing stream that debuted footage from all 10 game prototypes the teams built. 

While all developers were compensated for their work, Waking Oni Games, Petricore, and Jump Button were each selected to receive additional funding to ultimately publish their games onto the Stadia platform.

The Leaderboard

  • 39 game developers vetted and recruited
  • 74% identify as BIPOC, female, and/or LGBTQ+
  • 37% excitement increase in making games for Stadia
  • 10 US states represented (+ Canada, Sweden, The Philippines)
  • 10 game prototypes created during just one week
  • 2 events streamed on Playcrafting’s Twitch channel

Our Pivotal Role

  • Envisioned and designed the full initiative from the ground up
  • Vetted and recruited inclusive and experienced game developers from underrepresented backgrounds
  • Produced and edited all video, written, and stream content
  • Provided criteria and input for assessment of projects
  • Created and moderated a dedicated Discord server
  • Managed all communications, pipelines, logistics, and stream production

The Results

For a deeper dive into each game, visit our full results page here.

Bushido Bots by Waking Oni Games

A retro-cartoon world featuring tabletop toy robots as they battle to their animated deaths. A methodical fighting game where players move in a step-based rhythm, using each beat for single-action movements or attacks.

Cue Balls: Battle Billiards by Petricore

Play against a (local multiplayer) friend in this real-time pool game where everyone goes at the same time.

Fragments by JumpButton Studios

In Fragments, players take control of one of two fragmented creatures as they solve puzzles, traverse obstacles and battle enemies. As they progress through the game, they collect fragmented crystals which are shared between them,  and grant them access to abilities such as jumping and attacking. 

Cheese’s Telekinesis by Angry Array

In this game, your character has a halo over its head. All you have to do to win is fill the halo by winning the favor of the God of Cheese. The God of Cheese has an eye that gazes around the world. Make sure that you are seen as the most precious creature by jumping through the gaze of that eye!

Jumbo Shrimpin’ by Gumbuddies

In Jumbo Shrimpin’, you gather a group of your otter friends to go out on a shrimping boat. The only limit is the time left in the day! Throughout each journey, everyone on the boat tries to gather shrimp to get a collective totally shrimp score. 

Who’s The Boss by Games Without Words

In Who’s the Boss, players compete in a 3-vs-1 competition between the employees and The Boss. The catch is… Everyone gets to be the boss!

Let’s Make Something Weird by Mismatched Games

An arcade-style asymmetrical co-op game where one person plays as a mad scientist. And the other person plays as the monster they create. Each player has unique abilities to assist in surviving the angry mob onslaught of humans, angels, demons, and robots. 

Pride vs Prejudice by Novel Idea

Players select a character from a roster of available characters. Each pairing of characters has its own story and has opposing objectives to achieve by the end of the game.

Project Geofront by Team Geofront

Project Geofront is an asymmetrical multiplayer shooter where one player controls a giant mech fighting against alien foes, while the other player controls that mech’s UI and support systems.

Dog Walker by The Day Jammers

An asymmetrical dog-walking simulation game where players play as all dogs, all humans, or any other combination of humans and dogs.  The dogs and humans each have mechanics and abilities that have playful but semi-realistic interactions with the physics engine and world.