Introducing The New Playcrafting!

Hi friends, 

Last month, I sent out a letter commemorating the 11th anniversary of Playcrafting’s start as a local Meetup group in NYC. Today marks the next chapter in our journey together. 

Our team is so excited to introduce the all-new Playcrafting website and logo. We’re still the same Playcrafting, but now with a fresh coat of paint worthy of where our incredible community is today. 

Typical PC and console game controllers have two parts, one for each hand – sometimes connected, sometimes separated. Our new logo represents our unique place at the overlap between players and developers; business and community; and games and brands. Whether through our events, classes or brand partnerships, we often represent two parts on one mission, all united through play.

Playcrafting is so unique in that it is both a community of game creators and a business that works with and for them.

Since 2017, we’ve built 66 games for the likes of Facebook, Bose, IBM, the NFL, Verizon, and more. Our games have been featured on the world’s biggest stages, from E3 and PAX to the Super Bowl and Fashion Week. These games are all built directly by developers and creatives in our network. In just 2.5 years, we’ve put almost $2 million into the pockets of independent developers across the United States.

End Zone by Colorfiction and NFL Ultratoss by Juncture Media at Super Bowl LIV

When I walked into my first Playcrafting meetup in 2014, I was blown away by all the talented creators I had never heard of before. Ever since it’s been a passion of mine – and ours – to give that same feeling to other people. And now through our brand partnerships, we’re doing the same thing while helping create games that otherwise would never have been possible.

At Playcrafting, we find ways to make puzzle pieces fit together that otherwise would not. Whether you’re a fan, a developer, represent a Fortune 500 company, or some combination of the three – everyone fits here. That’s what playing and building games can do – no matter the distance or where you’re starting from.

Visit the new to find your place with us.

Game on!

Dan Butchko

Founder & CEO