Learn Unity in 8 Weeks

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Class Details

May 4, 2021
6:00 pm EST

Virtual Course

Course Overview

Join us in the upcoming Learn Unity in 8 Weeks course! This course is virtual. Upon enrollment, instructions to attend the class will be sent approximately one hour before the first day of class begins.

By the end of this 8 week Unity Game Development Bootcamp, students are expected to leave with 3 completed Unity games as well as the beginnings of their own game masterpieces. We expect no formal coding or game development knowledge. Students will finish the course competently able to design and engineer their own games.

Week 1-2: Simple Pachinko Game

Learn the basics of the Unity Editor, physics, collisions, input, and UI. Very simple coding combined with built in Unity features allow for a game you can slap together in just a few hours. Get up to speed and call yourself a game designer in just 2 weeks.

Week 3-4: 2D Platformer Game

From the very beginnings of plumbers seeking mushroom relief, platformers have been a staple in game development. Revisit the simple loop and build your own in no time. Learn more advanced engineering, how monobehaviour and component based programming works, and the fundamentals of what makes one game fun and another boring.

Week 5-6: 3D Mystery Horror Game

Who has played Slender Man!? The level of spookiness is up to you, but get yourself an understanding of the 3D game world and build a quick but gritty horror game in the third part of this online course. Learn about working in 3D space, the Unity Asset store, more advanced programming, and more about the core essence of game design.

Week 6-8: Your Dream Game

Everyone has a game that they have always envisioned building. Well. I’ll be honest. You probably won’t build it in two weeks. But we can sure as heck get you started! Learn how to rapidly prototype and user test your games, and get hands on help to start making your dreams come true. Wrap up with game demos with the rest of the group, and be well on your way to game development conquest!

Your Instructor

Konstantin Yavichev is a lead game developer at Lumos Labs, creators of Lumosity.

Konstantin has been infatuated with video games since an early age. Growing up in Russia, access to video games was limited and Konstantin had to get creative. He had to learn the inner workings of the games and computers so that the games could be modified to run on the hardware he had at the time, igniting the game developer flame within. After moving to California in his teenage years, he started to make his own games using just about any technology he could get his hands on, including the famed TI calculators. While studying at UC Santa Cruz, Konstantin got his first professional job in the video game field at a company called Chronic Logic. There, he worked on a unique 3D shooter set inside a human body and loved it. He knew he had chosen the right profession. From there, he moved on to Namco Bandai and then eventually to Lumos Labs.

After 6 years of building 2D puzzles designed to boost brain neuroplasticity, Konstantin left Lumos Labs for a couple of years to help jump-start an Augmented Reality startup, Ubiquity6 that aimed to create a permanent AR playground where people around the globe could share their experiences and play games.

In his free time, Konstantin likes to work on interactive art experiences such as this flame-throwing heart for Burning Man. He also has an interest in generative visual art and sometimes creates visual experiences that you can check out on his website: iamkon.

Course Schedule

This 8-week course takes place on Tuesdays & Thursdays. It begins on Tuesday, May 4th, 2021 and ends on June 24th, 2021.

The classes are held from 6:00 – 8:30pm ET. They are hosted online on Zoom. All students will receive instructions on how to sign in approximately one hour before the first class begins.

Course Cost

The course fee is $2,000.

Payment plans are available upon request. Please contact events@playcrafting.com to learn more.

Info Session

A free info session will take place on Monday, April 12th, 2021. Join us to chat with the instructor, have your questions answered, and check out some works from our former students. RSVP here.
To check out former students’ work and testimonials, visit this page!

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