Legal Roadmap For Video Game Development

Starts Tuesday, September 8th, 2020.

A three-day mini course that will walk you through a legal road from game design document to first sale and highlight red flags you should absolutely be aware of. 

Instructor: Daniel Koburger, ESQ. & LL.M.

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The Curriculum

DAY 1 – Being an Indie Today: From Starting to Running a Games Studio and What to Know

This entry session will present a legal road map through the most relevant topics an indie developer will encounter, from having the idea to developing and releasing the game.

DAY 2 – Developing and Releasing Your Game: Contracts, Community Management, and Consumer Protection

This session will address what an indie needs to do when developing and releasing a game. It will cover the stages of running a studio where you need to hire manpower or seek investments and/or other outside services to, for example, market or port your game.

DAY 3 – Intellectual Property and Content Restrictions

This session will address what content you can and cannot put in your game. As a game developer, your game and its content is your brand and value, so being able to foresee what you can place in your game as well as knowing how to prevent and enforce against others from unrightfully using your content is very important.

Your Instructor 👨‍⚖️

Daniel Koburger is the founder of Koburger Law, a transatlantic law firm based in New York and Munich.

At Koburger Law Daniel serves the video game, tech, creative, and digital space. Before starting his own boutique, Daniel studied law in Munich, Germany and New York and was an associate at Chris Reid Law for the firm’s EU video game practice. Before working at Chris Reid Law, he worked at the law firm SKW Schwarz in the independent movie production practice.

Daniel is licensed in Germany and New York and specializes in intellectual property and ICT, transactional and unfair competition law. Predominantly, he represents indie studios and indie publishers from setting up their business through counseling on day to days to negotiating publishing and investment deals.

Want to Know More?

Check out the recording of our previous Info Session! Get to know Daniel as he talks about his background, and course curriculum!

0:01: Meet Daniel

4:30: Notable Clients

5:00: Why You Should Take This Course?

6:40: Course Overview

9:55: Course Curriculum

18:13: Logistical Details

Notable Clients

Schedule & Price

The course starts on Tuesday, September 8th, 2020. Classes take place from 6:00-8:00 PM EDT on:

✨ Tuesday, September 8th

✨ Thursday, September 10th

✨ Tuesday, September 15th

You will get access to the recordings after each class. 

💰The cost: $180. Got questions? Contact us for answers.

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