July 27, 2018 Student Spotlight: Margaret Hayford
Margaret Hayford
Margaret Hayford

Before taking this course, I tried to learn Unity on my own several times. Many times I would fall down a rabbit hole of tutorials getting slightly different answers with mixed results and when one involved C# I would be bombarded with error messages. In this course I truly learned the fundamentals of Unity which allowed me to create without error messages while also giving me a stronger grasp of C#. My favorite part was the final project, which allowed us to take all that we learned in the class and apply it to create our own game. This freedom of creativity really helped cement everything I learned through this course and pushed me to try to create something awesome.

My game is an augmented reality experience that allows the users to overlay 3d models on real world images. Each one animates differently, one character will change its animation based on weather in London while another will change its animation if a certain pokemon enters the field. I wanted to play around with Vuforia in Unity to create an augmented reality game. AR is really exciting to me because of the new avenues for gaming and interactive storytelling it creates.

Quick Questions

1. How did you get into games?

I used to play playstation games with my brother growing up.

2. You’re part of the first manned mission to Mars! You’ll be gone for 5 years and can only bring 3 games to play alone or with your 3 fellow astronauts. What are they?

Metroid, Borderlands 2, and Portal 2

3. What would be your dream game to build?

I would really love to create an AR mystery game that lets the user unlock different parts of a narrative by finding clues at different locations.

4. What do you love best about the game community in NYC?

The friendly and collaborative people who want to make great games.

5. Choose 5 words to describe your experience making games so far.

Exciting, fun, engaging, collaborative, and unexpected