February 13, 2019 Gaming Community: PAX East 2019
Dan Butchko
Dan Butchko

Playcrafting is taking over PAX East for the 4th year in a row March 28th – 31st with PREGAMER, our own booth (#19135), and the Bose AR-cade(#21132)!

Playcrafting is excited to unite our thriving communities of developers from NYC, San Francisco and Boston for the 4th year in a row at PAX East 2019! Start the weekend right with our PreGamer party kicking things off on Wednesday, March 27th at Laugh Boston – right next to the show. Then check out the Playcrafting booth all weekend long as tens of thousands of gamers and industry pros will get hands-on time with indie games on the rise from across the U.S. Meet the developers, try their games and learn more about how to make games of your own.


Featured Games:

Boom Bits

by Naughty Children at Play


by Rustforms

by Oxhead Studios

Return to the Stars

by Festive Ninja
by Jason Friedberg

by GrappleHook Games

Stinky Snake
by DB Attic Studios, LLC

Where Shadows Slumber
by Game Revenant


Each year, the PREGAMER party at PAX East brings out over 1,000 fans and press to check out 30+ games as a kickoff for the show. We’re back in 2019 on Wednesday, March 27th 6-10pm at Laugh Boston to launch PAX East in style.

Featured Games:

Cheer Up by Cheer Up Games
 by Rustforms

Depths of Sanity by Bomb Shelter Games
Feral Frontier by Dirty Beast Games
From Rust by Razbury Games
Into the Dark: Narakan by Orc Punk
Mazu by Oxhead Studios
Negative World by Big Niche Games
Never to Return by Maskmaker Productions
Pixel Puzzle Makeout League by Glass Knuckle Games
Portal Warrior by Yarwad Mixed Reality
Return to the Stars! by Festive Ninja
Skellboy by Fabraz & Umaiki Games
Skorecery by GrappleHook Games
Smack Talk Showdown by Double Turn Games
Stinky Snake by DB Attic Studios, LLC
Where Shadows Slumber by Game Revenant

We are still accepting applications to show games at PREGAMER. See the form here for full details on what’s included if you make the cut. Deadline for submission is March 20, 2018.