Play Anywhere Game Jam: The Results

The Play Anywhere Game Jam, presented by Stadia Makers, was a week-long jam focused on a group of independent developers. The jam took place from March 14th to March 21st, 2021 and united 39 game creators from across the United States, Canada, and the Philippines. The developers worked in teams of mostly four to create fun and engaging couch co-op games. Missed out on our opening stream for this game jam? Check out this post to meet the teams!

After one week, the teams presented their game prototypes during the closing stream! Three of these ten teams will continue developing their games with additional fundings from Stadia Makers and publish on Stadia.

Take a look at the results of the games below. The official press release is available here.

Bushido Bots by Waking Oni Games

Bushido Bots is a rhythmic fighting game where players take on the role of toy-sized robot in a duel to the death. The team was greatly inspired by a shared admiration for the PS1 series Bushido Blade, a samurai themed fighting game where combat can be decided with one well-placed blow.

In Bushido Bots, players have three fighting stances: low, middle, and high. All movements and attacks can only be executed when the indicator light on the Bushido Bot’s body lights up, forcing players to plan their strikes carefully against their opponent. There are no health bars. Each Bushido Bot receives direct limb or torso damage, causing armor pieces to break away and expose a skeletal frame beneath. A winner is declared when a player strikes an exposed or critical area such as the head.

Cue Balls: Battle Billiards by Petricore

Play against a (local multiplayer) friend in this real time pool game where everyone goes at the same time.

Fragments by JumpButton Studios

In Fragments, players take control of one of two fragmented creatures as they solve puzzles, traverse obstacles and battle enemies. As they progress through the game, they collect fragmented crystals which are shared between them,  and grant them access to abilities such as jumping and attacking. 

Cheese’s Telekinesis by Angry Array

In this game, your character has a halo over its head. All you have to do to win is fill the halo by winning the favor of the God of Cheese. The God of Cheese has an eye that gazes around the world. Make sure that you are seen as the most precious creature by jumping through the gaze of that eye!

Jumbo Shrimpin’ by Gumbuddies

In Jumbo Shrimpin’, you gather a group of your otter friends to go out on a shrimping boat. The only limit is the time left in the day! Throughout each journey, everyone on the boat tries to gather shrimp to get a collective totally shrimp score. However, individuals can also score selfish points for themselves by doing things like fishing out treasure from the ocean. This is where the competitive factor comes in, even though everyone is working together, there is always a player who will try to nab those extra points. The individual player with the highest amount of points is highlighted at the end of the round.

Who’s The Boss by Games Without Words

In Who’s the Boss, players compete in a 3-vs-1 competition between the employees and The Boss. The catch is… Everyone gets to be the boss! So, how will you play? Will you save your friends after The Boss captures them, so you have a better chance of surviving until you take over? Or will you leave the other players in the dreaded Performance Review and try to eliminate the last employee when it’s your turn to be The Boss?

Remember, office alliances are temporary. The coworker you just saved could be the same one to take you down.

Be careful, be cautious, and remember… Who’s the Boss.

Let’s Make Something Weird by Mismatched Games

This is an arcade-style asymmetrical co-op game where one person plays as a mad scientist. And the other person plays as the monster they create. Each player has unique abilities to assist in surviving the angry mob onslaught of humans, angels, demons, and robots. The player in control of the monster has 2 attacks, a ranged shot that targets the closest enemy, and a radius smash. When the monster defeats an enemy, there is a chance it will drop a body part which the scientist can then pick up and attach to the monster to heal them and alter their stats. Enemies can enter the arena when they break down one of the doors, but the scientist can mash a button to board it back up to stop them from barging in.

Pride vs Prejudice by Novel Idea

In Pride Vs. Prejudice, players select a character from a roster of available characters. Each pairing of characters has their own story – Lizzie and Darcy’s route is based off of “Rivals to Lovers,” while Lizzie and Mr. Wickham’s route is based on being “In Love with a Rake.” Each pair has opposing objectives to achieve by the end of Act Three – Lizzie wants Mr. Bingley to marry Jane, whereas Darcy wants Mr. Bingley to remain single.

Project Geofront by Team Geofront

Project Geofront is an asymmetrical multiplayer shooter where one player controls a giant mech fighting against alien foes, while the other player controls that mech’s UI and support systems.

Dog Walker by The Day Jammers

Dog Walker is an asymmetrical dog-walking simulation game where players play as all dogs, all humans, or any other combination of humans and dogs. Players play the game by picking up a controller and fiddling with the joystick and face buttons. That may seem overly simplistic, but the core fun of the game itself is discovery! The dogs and humans each have mechanics and abilities that have playful but semi-realistic interactions with the physics engine and world.