June 17, 2017 Event Recap: Playcrafting + Extra Life 24 Hour Game Fest
Chase Kiefiuk

On May 13th & 14th, Playcrafting & The Bay Area Extra Life Guild joined forces for a 24 hour game fest fundraiser. Over 700 people came through The Google Launchpad to play games and help raise money for the patients at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. The fest kicked off at 10am on Saturday morning and included everything from smash tournaments and board games to lip syncing competitions and movies. 15 streamers were live on Twitch to over 140,000 viewers for the full 24 hours fundraising for the hospital. The event wrapped up at 10am on Sunday morning with a total of over $36,000 raised! Big thanks to everyone who came out and donated as well as The Google Launchpad for being such gracious hosts! Looking forward to many more.

Check out some images from the event below!

Attendees get competitive at Smash Brothers, Street Fighter, and other tournament games throughout the night.

Just dance and Rock Band were also popular pit stops!

With over 50 types of Board Games to choose from, the table top room quickly became a very popular spot.

15 streamers were live on Twitch for the entire 24 hours raising over $36,000 for UCSF Benioff’s Children’s Hospital.

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