May 31, 2017 Gaming Community: Sonic Mania hits this August
Marcus Nicolois

Sonic Mania is dropping Aug. 15 on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC, according to a new trailer released this week for the game.

Sega’s newest retro-fresh title has been building hype since June of last year, when the game was first revealed during and E3 trailer.

Sonic Mania emulates the earliest Sonic titles released on the Sega Genesis, with the most recent trailer taking inspiration from Sonic CD’s animated introduction. The animation itself is brief, but enough to hearken back to the golden age of Sega before showing off Mania’s gameplay. The game strives to mimic Sonic’s early titles through the recreation of famous stages. And it also introduces entirely new stages that adhere to previous games’ style.

Sonic’s recent titles have been poorly received. Sonic Boom, which was released in 2014, received a 32 on Metacritic and Lost World, which came out in 2013, received a a 63 on Metacritic. Sega changes its approach to development with Sonic Mania, assembling a team of Sonic fanatics to create a game that remains faithful to Sonic’s original look and play style.

The game will cost $20/£15, but digital pre-orders are currently 10% off.