Our Story

Playcrafting connects brands, developers, and fans nationwide through one of the largest developer network in the world. Our partnerships create new exclusive games with and for the world’s top companies and brands through our vast list of vetted developers. Our events connect creators, players, press, and influencers in unexpected ways. Our classes provide training on the latest technologies. Our developer network is like no other and makes it all happen.

Our Team

Dan Butchko, Founder & CEO

Dan Butchko oversees all operations and strategy for Playcrafting. He's a lifelong gamer with a passion for empowering communities and brands to create opportunities and games that would not otherwise have been possible. A graduate of New York University, Dan is the former Creative Director & Events Manager of Help For Children, where he worked for six years to help raise millions to prevent and treat child abuse in 9 U.S. cities and 3 abroad. While his work at HFC was impactful and rewarding, he has always known video games to be his biggest passion in life. Spurred by an afternoon where he listed and ranked every game he's every played on one "Ultimate Games List," Dan moved on from HFC to grow the local NY Gaming Meetup into the international ally for developers, brands, and fans that Playcrafting is today. Playcrafting is the natural product of his vision and experience all rolled into a one-of-a-kind company.

Krysti Pryde, Developer Relations Manager

With 10+ years working in video games and tech, Krysti Pryde is an accomplished community and creative marketing specialist with a focus on indie developers and strategy. Krysti's mission is to connect developers with other developers, communities, resources and brands to help galvanize their careers and projects. In her free time, you can find Krysti playing video games, lifting weights, making chainmaille and working on her Lord of the Rings podcast.

Jean-Claude Le Meur, Business Development Manager

Jean-Claude (aka "JC") grew up just outside of New York City in the state of Connecticut. He graduated from the University of Scranton in 2017 and brings a strong passion for gaming and esports to the team. JC's goal is to find more great opportunities to amplify brands through the power of play while creating opportunities for game developers around the world to get paid to do what they love.

Our Advisory Board

Sinjin Bain, Production Head at Tencent / TiMi North America

Mr. Bain is an accomplished interactive and games industry senior business leader with a proven track record in business development, partnerships, product development, team management and strategic planning for all platforms. Mr. Bain also has extensive global contacts and experience including Asia and Europe on all platforms including console, PC, mobile development and operations. Mr. Bain has a deep understanding of development processes, team structures, engine and pipeline technologies, VR & AR platforms along with developer and industry / consumer trends. Mr. Bain has founded and co-founded new businesses and business units and is a proven senior studio manager in organizations such as EA Partners, Maxis, EA. Mr. Bain is a hands on executive and Executive Produced some of the most successful game franchises in the industry such as The Sims, The Simpsons, Rock Band and run worldwide business development signing major Independent developers such as Insomniac, Epic, Crytek, Respawn Entertainment, and Double Fine and many others.

Mabel Chung, Brand Marketing and Communications at Zebra Partners

Originally from the West Coast, Mabel went to UC Berkeley and started her gaming career one summer as a video game tester. She went on to do marketing and localization at gaming companies like Sega and Nintendo (and was a member of Nintendo's Treehouse). Since coming to NYC, Mabel has been working for and consulting with startups such as Startup Institute, in the influencer marketing space, live streaming apps, and now Playcrafting. Her favorite games are arcade shooters (Time Crisis II), strategy (XCom, FTL), and RPGs (Final Fantasy VII, Skies of Arcadia).

Akil King, Former Partnership Manager (Games) at Apple

After receiving both a B.S. in Business Administration and an MBA with an emphasis in Marketing from Hampton University, Akil joined Apple’s Worldwide Product Marketing Organization. As a member of Apple’s Worldwide Developer Relations Group, Akil focused on working with developers to bring world class experiences to Apple’s platforms. Here he worked with some of the largest, most profitable, and most innovative iOS game developers in the world, eventually managing a portfolio that grossed more than $2 billion per year.

Kati Nawrocki, Game Designer & Artist at Computer Lunch

Kati Nawrocki, Game Designer & Artist at Computer Lunch

Kati is a New York based artist and game creator. She is co-founder of Computer Lunch games, creators of Cell to Singularity and Mama Hawk, and Studio Art Director at Dots, creators of the popular puzzle game Two Dots. She has spoken at GDC (2021), and given the keynote at Unity Developer Day (2019). In her spare time, Kati seeks out unusual licorice candies from around the world, and illustrates weird German expressions for @versteh_nur_bahnhof.


Fabian Rastorfer, Founder at Fabraz

Fabian Rastorfer is the founder of Fabraz and takes on the role as game designer, graphic designer, animator, writer, level designer, unity editor, marketer and community manager at Fabraz. He's the lead developer and primary artist behind all the games at Fabraz including Slime-san, Planet Diver, and Cannon Crasha.


Corey Wade, Head of Business Development NA at Saber Interactive

Corey Wade heads up head up business development for Saber Interactive, one of the eight key operative units within Embracer Group. Prior to this, he founded Sandbox Strategies, a games-focused PR/influencer agency, acquired by Embracer in late 2020. Sandbox Strategies (www.sandboxstrat.com) is a 10-year-old boutique firm focused on digital publishing services for video games. With offices in NYC and SF and partner agencies throughout the world, Sandbox handles marketing, publicity, influencer outreach, and events for companies like Activision, Telltale Games and Dots

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