June 7, 2017 Gaming Community: Street Fighter V’s latest fighter delivers simple attacks, complex combos
Marcus Nicolois

This is an article written as part of a Playcrafting class on game journalism.

Street Fighter V received its largest update yet at the end of last month, introducing the fighter Ed, two new stages and dozens of costumes and colors. The update began on May 30th, taking a much longer than usual 30 hours to get up and running, but with it came a plethora of content.

Ed has been anticipated since early May, and was put through two player beta tests before his release. In terms of lore, Ed was created in the Shadaloo labs as a replacement body for M. Bison. He was taken into the care of Balrog, who raised him a villain and a boxer. Unlike Balrog, however, he “can kick, too” (according to an obtainable in-game title.) Ed stands as a unique character in terms of mechanics, requiring neither charge nor input to use his special moves. Instead, Ed players will simply have to press two punches, two kicks or punch repeatedly in order to use his special moves. These inputs allow for more player accessibility, something for which SFV has been receiving  mixed opinions. However, Ed’s simplified inputs lead to far more complex combos that require precise timing. Ed will be available for either 100,000 in-game Fight Money, or $6 USD.

Along with Ed came both the Spain and Thailand stage, reintroduced from Street Fighter II. The Thailand stage had already arrived in the game within an earlier patch, but was quickly taken out in a following patch possibly due to Muslim chants within the soundtrack (for a Buddhist temple.) However, both stages are back and are available to players for 70,000 FM or $4 USD. The soundtrack for the Buddhist temple has been modified.

New costumes for Ken and Ryu have been added, along with additional colors for story mode costumes. The new costumes are a bit more expensive than usual, running players $6, unpurchasable with Fight Money. There is a bit of a deal for Playstation users, including both costumes, the Capcom Pro Tour 2017 stage, an exclusive color option for every character and an additional costume that will be decided by the victor of the next Capcom Pro Tour. It will also include quests for players to complete that will provide them with additional Fight Money. The Capcom Pro Tour premier pass will be PS4 exclusive, and will run for $25 according to an official Playstation blogpost.

Along with balance changes that buffed, nerfed or otherwise changed preexisting characters, Capcom has also revamped the Capcom Fighters Network adding new features, most notably a friend system. Capcom is giving players 50,000 Fight Money as a login bonus until June 14th –  as a reward for their patience.