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Starting in 2017, Playcrafting has teamed up with some of the biggest brands in the world to facilitate the development of dozens of games and showcase them at events ranging from award shows and film festivals to game expos and even the Super Bowl.

Our Brand Partners

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ASUS ROG was on a mission to discover the possibilities of game development on its new Zephyrus Duo 15 when they approached Playcrafting to unlock the gaming potential of the hardware. The partnership challenged game developers to design and build unique games that highlight the features of Zephyrus Duo 15. Through the ROG Game Jam, creators were tasked to create game prototypes in just one week. The final products were presented on ASUS ROG’s Twitch channel. 

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(Ape) Escape Velocity

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Ascension 67

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Triangle Square Circle

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And Then We Will Know

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Playcrafting united independent creators and studios across the country to participate in two Verizon 5G game jams. More than $100,000 was handed out to selected developers who helped to create games that underscored the importance of Verizon 5G on multiplayer, augmented reality, and console-quality gaming on mobile devices. Several of the top games were shown off at E3 2019 in Verizon’s booth.

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Knights On A Rocket

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Island Hopper

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Flock Up

Flock Up Title Screen copy

Temple of Ooze

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Hell Truck

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TV Party

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Famed developer Rockstar Games sponsored the 2020 Play NYC Graffiti Games installation. Each year, a carefully selected group of game developers are commissioned to create and show a game that speaks to them and is representative of their own inspirations as well as the year’s theme. In 2020, the games, which were curated by Decoy Games, spotlighted the works of five talented Black developers.

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Sheep Herder Nay


Hello Lantern

Hello Lantern

Oni Fighter Yasuke


To Be With You


Love Self

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In partnership with IBM, Playcrafting hosted an acceleration-themed game jam in 2018. Fifteen New York independent game developers were asked to create new games using IBM Watson technology in just 48 hours. The three games — Computer …!, Speeeeeed 2, and Tongue Twister Tom were all playable at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival.

The impact the technology may have on game development was also discussed in a Tribeca Talk that year.

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Speeeeed 2!

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Tongue Twister Tom

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In the weeks leading up to the launch of its games platform in 2018, Facebook teamed up with Playcrafting to host The Instant Game Jam. During the jam, 20 developers created four games exclusively for Instant Games. The titles were all launched at Facebook’s GDC booth in San Francisco.

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Potion Panic!


Uncle Walter’s All-American Stack-Em-Up


Let’s Grow!


Verizon and the NFL teamed up with Playcrafting in 2019 to find talented developers from around the country to create the first-ever games that make use of the Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband. Five finalist teams of developers were selected to create their concepts during a weekend-long game jam at the Verizon 5G Labs, and two were selected to receive $400,000 each to fine-tune their titles in preparation for showing them off at Super Bowl LIV in Miami.

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Colorfiction_Endzone_Screenshots (14)

NFL Ultra Toss

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FumbleDashTitleScreen copy

Playcrafting hosted a 48-hour game jam at the Simple Machine studio in New York City in 2017 for Schick Hydro and The Game Awards. During the jam, ten gaming studios collaborated to make four games inspired by Schick Hydro’s “protect and defend” mission. The games were later showcased at the Indie Game Jam Arcade in Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles during The Game Awards 2017. Schick Hydro also sponsored that year’s Best Debut Indie Game award at the show.

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ASAP (As Smooth As Possible)

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Mono A Mono




In May 2020, Schick launched Shave the Day, a head-shaving mobile game which has Schick Xtreme turning players’ in-game points into cash donations to help fund childhood cancer research. The company pledged to donate up to $250,00 to St Baldrick’s Foundation on behalf of the game. The game was designed by Playcrafting, which worked to ensure the game was fun while showcasing the Schick brand and raising money for a charity. With the rise of COVID-19, the game has become a major element of Schick’s fundraising approach in 2020.

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Playcrafting’s 2019 Global Game Jam was host to workshops by Epic Games, kicking off a partnership between the two companies. The Game Jam also included a Best Unreal Engine Game category. Unreal Engine returned later that year to feature an indie-designed game at its booth during Play NYC as well as the ability for attendees to create art for new levels in the game and an on-stage competition.

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Shave The Day

Schick-razors-video-game-CONTENT-2020 copy

Rats, Roaches, & Roombas

kYO54A copy

A year-long alliance between Playcrafting and Bose led to the creation of 32 unique audio augmented reality games designed specifically for Bose AR-enabled sunglasses and headphones. The creations were the result of paid, 48-hour game jams in Boston, New York City, San Francisco, and San Diego in July 2019, hosted by both companies.

The results include a mix of titles that enable players to do everything from duel and dodge in an audio-only wild west shootout, to participating in a seance, to launching livestock with a catapult at an enemy castle. The games were all playable at PAX East & PAX West in 2019.

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Bumblebee Jam

Bumblebee Jam

Headbop Hero

Headbop hero-01

Sonic Samurai

Sonic Samurai-01

Death Within Earshot

Death within earshot-01

War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds-01

Whispers of the Wind

Whispers of the Wind-01

Dead Drop Desperado

Dead Drop Desperado-01

Hide N’ Sound Seek

Hide & Seek-01

The Other

The Other-01

Haunt AR




The Worst Grim Reaper

Worst Grim Reaper

The foundation sponsored the 2018 and 2019 Graffiti Games installations, which focused on the talent and stories of first-generation immigrant developers and then celebrated the voices, talent, and impact of the LGBTQ+ community, respectively.

Bizarre Barber


Staring Can Be A Form of Harassment


Rebel Runner


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