Unreal Engine

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Learn, Build, Play, and Compete with Unreal

From Global Game Jam to the main stage of Play NYC, Epic Games partnered with Playcrafting to educate, train, and entertain game developers and fans with Unreal Engine.

Our work with Epic Games unfolded across 2019. We started with workshops and a special “Best Unreal Engine Game” category at Global Game Jam. The winner was an addictive multiplayer game called Rats, Roaches, & Roombas, where you compete as vacuums to clean the kitchen. The bigger the clutter, the more points you earn.

We brought back the team to make a new Big Apple-themed level at the Unreal Booth of Play NYC. Attendees played the game, learned about the engine, and made graffiti that was brought into the new level. At the end, influencers competed onstage in the finished level.

  • 15,000 Developers Reached
  • 82 Developers Trained
  • 2 Videos Produced
  • 2 Big Events
  • 1 Incredible Game

  • Developed the full initiative roadmap.
  • Recruited quality teams and projects.
  • Managed all communications and logistics.
  • Created videos and evaluation criteria.
  • Supported developers throughout.

Conquer Childhood Cancer with Shave The Day!

We’re excited to announce our latest project with Schick® Xtreme® and  St. Baldrick’s Foundation: Shave The Day! It’s an addictive head-shaving mobile game designed to generate donations to fight childhood cancers from your couch. At the end of the game, your points will turn into a real donation to help fund childhood cancer research.

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