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The Verizon 5G Labs and Playcrafting Alliance

Playcrafting and Verizon join forces to train game developers and make mobile prototypes to explore what’s possible with the near zero latency and unlimited bandwidth of Verizon 5G.

Since 2018, Playcrafting has united developers across Verizon 5G game jams. Independent creators and larger studios alike have produced a diverse group of prototypes. They show the implications of Verizon 5G on multiplayer, augmented reality, and console-quality graphics for mobile devices. These game prototypes
have been used extensively internally and externally by Verizon in the rollout of 5G.
Three of the top games, Flock Up, Knights on a Rocket, and Island Hopper  were playable at E3 2019 in Verizon’s booth.


  • $100,000+ for Selected Developers
  • 40 Developers Trained
  • 11 Videos Produced
  • 2 Custom Game Jams

  • Developed the full jam roadmaps.
  • Recruited quality teams and projects.
  • Managed all communications and logistics.
  • Created videos and evaluation criteria.
  • Collected feedback to inform documentation.
  • Supported developers and Verizon throughout.