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The Verizon 5G NFL Mobile Gaming Challenge

Playcrafting helps Verizon and NFL pioneer 5G mobile gaming while pushing for creativity and innovation.

Launched at E3 2019, the Verizon 5G NFL Mobile Gaming Challenge asked game developers to submit pitches for mobile games only possible with 5G that integrate the official NFL brand. 5 teams were chosen to build prototypes at a Finalist Game Jam. The quality of submissions was so high that 2 winning teams were each chosen to receive $400,000 to develop their prototypes into games. In the end, Endzone and NFL Ultra Toss debuted in-stadium at
Super Bowl LIV in February 2020.

The Leaderboard

  • $850,000 in Funding for Games
  • 50,000 Engaged Game Developers
  • 5 Finalist Prototypes
  • 2 Winners Launched at Super Bowl LIV

  • Designed the roadmap from submission to game debut.
  • Recruited quality teams and pitch submissions.
  • Managed all communications, pipelines, and logistics.
  • Supported developers, Verizon, and the NFL throughout.
In this game, a player navigates a series of mazes in order to reach the end zone in a 3D football field. The player is about to score a touchdown when suddenly the field transforms and the player must navigate shape-shifting mazes to reach the end zone. The title continuously streams data into the application via 5G networks in order to display lots of cool graphics in real time.
NFL Ultra Toss is a massive multiplayer experience in which players throw a football towards a pick-up truck parked on the 50-yard line at a sold-out NFL stadium. The first player to land a football in the bed of the truck earns the title of Super QB.