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Bear Game Launching July 28, 2022

In a AAA World, Be a Bear that Runs a Bed & Breakfast

In an industry ripe with the most creative concepts in media, it can often feel we are moving in slow motion with every reskinned Gun Game, remake and remaster. It’s [mostly] universally understood that these decisions are made from a capitalist lens, and to be fair many of these titles do have longtime fan bases that will keep consuming the titles, be it from a place of nostalgia, curiosity or loyalty to the IP. I write this as one of these people, to be fair.

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We made 19 AR games in the last year. Here’s what we learned.

What We Learned from Making 19 AR Games Last Year

A reality-bending metaverse park in Croatia. A WarioWare-esque mini-game marathon. A 4-way race to take out a rogue AI. Fighting a dark alien vine with the help of a mysterious object from space. Racing customizable cartoon pigs. Claiming real-world territory with virtual paint globs. An adventure game that encourages players to explore Japanese landscapes.

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How to Build a Developer Community - 5 Key Strategies

How to Build a Developer Community – 5 Key Strategies

You’ve got something awesome that game developers should want. But how do you get them engaged… let alone build a strong developer community along the lines of Unity or Niantic? When you’re looking to build a community of developers around a specific technology, brand, interest, or otherwise, what you’re really doing is sparking a living social ecosystem.

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