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Learn Coding Fundamentals

In this class, we will use HTML/CSS and JavaScript to develop a text adventure game. After this workshop you will be better prepared to learn how to program, no matter what language or engine you wish to use.

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Learn Unity in 8 Weeks – Online Unity Course

This 8-Week Unity course will get you directly involved and working within the indie game scene. Besides learning the ins and outs of Unity and launching a game by the end of the course, you’ll also gain access to a thriving community of local indie game developers.

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Playtest Like the Pros

In this class, you will learn playtesting techniques that go beyond best practices. Knowing the right way to make sense of playtester feedback is the difference between a good game designer and a great one.

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Conquer Childhood Cancer with Shave The Day!

We’re excited to announce our latest project with Schick® Xtreme® and  St. Baldrick’s Foundation: Shave The Day! It’s an addictive head-shaving mobile game designed to generate donations to fight childhood cancers from your couch. At the end of the game, your points will turn into a real donation to help fund childhood cancer research.

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